Aptitude Ergo occupational therapy clinic

A multidisciplinary team focused
on well-being

A comprehensive and accessible range of occupational therapy services

Our team has over 15 years of experience and strives to ensure that people of all ages recover… maximize… or balance their APTITUDES

Aptitude Ergo can make a positive difference on many levels:

At the individual level when presenting a musculoskeletal, neurodevelopmental or mental health problem

At the management level when managing presenteeism or absenteeism

Or the organizational level when grappling with ever-increasing demands for efficiency

Our occupational therapy services are intended for:

  • PAEF employee and family assistance programs
  • insurers;
  • businesses;
  • the SAAQ;
  • the IVAC;
  • doctors;
  • individuals

In short, there is a host of organizations, professionals and individuals who can benefit from the occupational therapy services offered by Aptitude Ergo.

Our consultations can take place:

  • at our Laval clinic and other service points;
  • at home or in the workplace;
  • by videoconference, to serve customers throughout Quebec.


Why choose the Aptitude Ergo clinic in Laval’s services?

When you refer someone to Aptitude Ergo, you can:


Proactively screen a physical or mental health problem in adults at work or at home.


Quickly identify mobilization obstacles, advantages and levers to anticipate, manage and fix problems or risk factors at work.


Simplify health and safety records management by enabling first-rate consultation with all the stakeholders involved: physician, employer, manager, insurer.


Decrease the rate of presenteeism, absenteeism and the duration of disability by ensuring a quick and lasting return to employment.


Identify the peculiarities of infants, preschoolers, school children and teenagers who face obstacles and challenges in their developmental journey to play, learn and grow healthy!


Determine a personalized intervention plan.

Meet an occupational therapist quickly

Our support time is as quick as can be. Do not hesitate to contact us for any service request. Our team of multidisciplinary professionals, all under one roof, will be happy to help you find the service best suited to your specific needs.

Preventive is better than curative!

Prevention pays off! Workplace wellness initiatives and health promotion programs, on average, save $3 to $8 per dollar invested (Aldana, 2001). Better health in business also allows you to:

  • reduce the cost of insurance plans;
  • foster talent engagement, recruitment and retention;
  • increase productivity and teamwork;
  • improve the work climate.

“Aptitude is not lost, it is created, it is transformed.”