Aptitude Ergo clinic services

The Aptitude Ergo clinic, always with a humane and personalized approach, offers various innovative occupational therapy services focused on ensuring that the individual maintains or regains a functional and balanced lifestyle.
In some cases, patients may even notice an increase in their functional abilities with the help of our team of occupational therapists.
Discover the personalized services we offer.

Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy is the Aptitude Ergo clinic’s flagship service. Focused on activity and occupation, our occupational therapists intervene to promote independence and improve the quality of life for people of all ages.
In this sense, we develop concrete and achievable strategies to help the person achieve personal, academic and professional goals.

Physical health

If you have chronic pain or temporary or permanent functional difficulties, we can help you transition to better physical health.
After having assessed your condition, we will provide a personalized approach that is adapted to your needs and will help you overcome daily challenges.

Pediatric occupational therapy

Pediatric occupational therapy assesses and contributes to the child reaching full potential, including meaningful activity and play. Interventions stimulate improvements in the child’s motor, visual, cognitive or communication skills.
Concrete strategies and personalized activities are put in place so that the child can flourish at the familial, social and academic levels and in leisure activities. Our assessments and interventions are provided at the clinic, home, daycare and school according to need.

Mental health

Performing daily tasks can be a significant challenge when dealing with a psychological or emotional, transient or chronic disorder. In a climate of trust, our occupational therapists can help people mobilize their resources and strengths to regain their balance. This is achieved by establishing realistic and achievable goals together.

Functional capacity assessment and development program

For someone who suffers from persistent pain or disabilities that limit their return to pre-injury employment, the functional capacity assessment and development program can significantly improve functioning, promote the adoption of compensatory strategies, identify surmountable barriers and facilitate eventual vocational reintegration.
Our occupational therapists use standardized tests, activities, therapeutic exercises and work simulations for assessment and reactivation purposes. Following the assessment, a personalized rehabilitation plan is established with a multidisciplinary team, assisting the person in the process of coping and increasing their functional abilities.


If you want to provide a work environment that contributes to health and well-being and reduces risks to the physical or mental health of your employees, consult a qualified ergonomist from our clinic.
Expertise and competence will be used to evaluate, design or adapt workstations or tools for the specific needs of employees. It’s a win-win service and a profitable investment. Some focus areas offered:

  • disability and return to work;
  • office ergonomics, load handling;
  • design ergonomics;
  • industrial ergonomics;
  • personalized training.

Personal training

Following an injury or the adoption of a sedentary lifestyle, combining our occupational therapy services with personal training tailored to your condition can be beneficial.
After evaluating your condition, we can, in close collaboration with different actors, design a personalized physical training program in the gym or the pool, which will significantly improve your quality of life and your abilities.

Additional services

At Carrefour Santé 440, we work in close collaboration with many professionals from different fields of specialization (doctors, rheumatologists, podiatrists, physiotherapists with an overall postural rehabilitation approach, osteopaths, acupuncturists, massage therapists, kinesiologists, guidance counselors, nutritionists, etc.). We work as a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary team according to need.
We can offer complete, personalized services to every person. These services complement those offered by our occupational therapists and ergonomists. Discover them all!

Are these services for you?

The various services provided by the Aptitude Ergo clinic are intended for:

  • Workers who want to maximize their comfort and efficiency at work
  • Workers with or without a physical or mental health diagnosis
  • Children from 6 months to 17 years of age
  • Daycare, CEC, school environment
  • Insurers
  • SAAQ
  • Companies
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP),
  • Trade unions
  • Doctors or other health professionals who can refer patients

Find out more about our different services

Don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated staff to find the service best suited to your specific needs. Our humane team will be attentive and personally help you recover your health and well-being.