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Aptitude Ergo, a wellness company

Aptitude Ergo's mission is to offer a high quality occupational therapy service, rapidly accessible, to clients of all ages (children, adults (work rehabilitation, hand therapy), in physical and mental health). Fundamental values, such as the health and well-being of the individual and the organization that welcomes him or her, motivate the workers trained with the most innovative approaches.

Join the Aptitude Ergo team

  • It means having fun working with colleagues chosen not only for their clinical qualities, but also for their values.
  • It means working in collaboration with experienced practice leaders and a technical and administrative support team experienced in rehabilitation, using a high-calibre technological platform that allows mobility and flexibility.
  • It means working with a range of health professionals under the same roof (Laval sector).
  • It means receiving a competitive salary and enjoying numerous social benefits.
  • It means privileged access to the CMSL gym for all employees.

Wellness is part of the DNA of each of us at Aptitude Ergo

Flexibility of schedule and location

It starts with getting you the equipment you need to work in a hybrid mode. Ergonomic chair, laptop, intranet and IT support are provided, because mobility is convenient if you want it.

Learning on a daily basis - knowledge is sought, experience is shared

Participate in training with recognised elites. A training budget is allocated and continuous training is encouraged. Because we believe that we are agents of change for our clients, but also within our profession. We decompartmentalize practices by sticking to the latest evidence while respecting our ethical obligations, because we believe that innovation makes progress.

Working with a strong team that includes experienced practice leaders. You'll find that working with them gives you a wealth of experience in the field. Mentoring, support, you will see that for every question, there is a solution. We believe that we grow as practitioners by learning. At Aptitude Ergo, we don't "make mistakes", we build experience and trust. Collaboration is practiced naturally and without judgment.

Developing your career

Our goal is nothing less than to be happy at work! There's room for your passion, whether it's in physical health, mental health, ergonomics, child development, hand therapy or corporate training. Got another idea in mind? Share, we are open to innovation.

Passionately human!

We focus on wellness while remaining open to your desires. Aptitude Ergo is the sum of everyone; so you bring your own personality, your passion, your interests. You ask and we listen. You will be amazed at how open Aptitude is. Respect for who you are and our ability to listen are guaranteed.

And if you have the motivation to implement activities that inspire you, initiative is welcomed and participation is guaranteed. A wide range of activities are offered to you during the year. Also, you can count on the availability of a gym if you like to work out (Laval sector).

Are you interested in getting involved in causes that make your heart beat faster, or in having fun for the sake of having fun or simply to build relationships?

Come join our "passionately human" team, we're waiting for you!

Happy to work here

Mutual aid, fun, professionalism and innovation are the words that come to mind when I think of Aptitude Ergo. The work environment is very friendly and facilitates exchanges between professionals. Working at Aptitude Ergo allows us to be who we are and to shine in our own way. Come and be part of a team that focuses on the well-being and skills of its employees. 

Laurence Cohonner, current position

Laurence Cohonner

For me, working at Aptitude Ergo is an opportunity to :

  • Grow with colleagues and a manager who listens, in a warm and supportive atmosphere;
  • To work with occupational therapists who are just as passionate as I am and who complement each other, according to our respective interests;
  • Shaping my career according to my interests and strengths;
  • To implement and contribute to innovative mental health projects in the workplace;
  • To have fun and share laughs at work, but also in activities outside the office.

Sarah Laroche

Employment opportunities

  • Ergonomist

  • Child Development Occupational Therapist

  • Physical health occupational therapist, 1st and 2nd line

  • Occupational therapist mental health individual consultation in prevention


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  • Accepted file types: pdf, docx, Max. file size: 200 MB.