Pediatric occupational therapy

Aptitude Ergo’s team of pediatric occupational therapists can help you meet the challenges of everyday life!

Our occupational therapists promote the child’s development to reach his or her full potential through games, among other things. Our approaches can be used to improve motor, visual, cognitive and communication skills so the child can flourish at the family, social, school and leisure level.

Pediatric occupational therapy intervention stages




Personalized follow-up



Why use pediatric occupational therapy?


In order to detect and prevent the emergence of difficulties in functioning and autonomy in the child’s life routines (e.g. hygiene, clothing, food, socialization, games, leisure, travel and academic functioning)


To identify barriers and incorporate exercises (through play and current activities of the child), tools and concrete strategies to develop strengths and maximize overall development


To promote the self-esteem and confidence needed to carry out activities at home, daycare, school and in recreation

Who are pediatric occupational therapy services intended for?

Our services are specially designed for infants, preschoolers, school-age children or teenagers who exhibit certain characteristics including:

  • Fine and/or gross motor skill difficulties
  • Calligraphy difficulties
  • Sensory modulation/integration disorders
  • Feeding, food selectivity or oral hypersensitivity difficulties
  • Developmental coordination disorder/dyspraxia
  • Attention deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity (ADHD)
  • Autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
  • Intellectual or physical impairment

Easy-to-access services

These services are covered by most private insurance and certain government and private programs for children with disabilities or special needs. No medical prescription is required.

When should you see an occupational therapist?

You may be wondering if your child would benefit from meeting an occupational therapist.
Here are some examples of common reasons for consultation:



  • Difficulty tying shoelaces, buttons and zippers
  • Intolerance to certain fabrics
  • Difficulty following a sequence
  • Difficulty keeping storage spaces organized


Games and leisure

  • Little interest in toys
  • Limited skill for drawing, puzzles or building games
  • Lack of stamina and balance when walking
  • Persistent fear of playgrounds
  • Difficulty in ball games, inability to jump rope or ride a bike



  • Little variety in the diet
  • Tendency to react negatively to certain foods, textures, temperature
  • Difficulty holding utensils
  • Lack of endurance when chewing



  • Difficulties for the following aspects:
    • integrating with children in their age group
    • following and respecting instructions
    • understanding their emotions and those of others
    • expressing their needs
  • Sensitive to noises and textures and does not like being touched
  • Impulsive, aggressive behavior toward others


Academic functioning

  • Difficulties for the following aspects:
    • staying seated in class
    • paying close attention, following and understanding instructions
    • remembering important information (frequent forgetfulness)
    • organizing during transition periods at school (recess, class, lunch)
  • Disorganized workspace
  • Poor motor control for cutting, coloring, tracing, writing
  • Need to vary activities, integrate active leisure, improve lifestyle and decrease sedentariness

In response to these problems, Aptitude Ergo offers you a range of services

Several individualized services are offered:

  • Specific (one aspect) or comprehensive screening and evaluation process
  • Group and individual intervention and follow-up
  • Individualized intervention at home, in daycare and in the school environment
  • Group workshops or individual care to improve specific skills (e.g. writing, bicycling, swimming, etc.)
  • Support and training for parents and professionals involved with a multidisciplinary approach (physician, physiotherapist, speech language pathologist, educators, teachers)

Questions about our pediatric occupational therapy services?

If you have any questions regarding our occupational therapy services for children, don’t hesitate to contact us.
Our professional and dedicated team members will be able to offer you honest answers and provide you and your child with personalized support.