MARIOOccupational Therapist in Hand and Upper Limb Therapy, Clinical Hand Coordinator

    I graduated in occupational therapy at the University of Montreal in 1998 and worked for 18 years in the Occupational Therapy Hand Center of the Hôpital du Sacré-Coeur de Montreal. For the last three years, I offer exclusive services in rehabilitation of the hand and the upper limb. Over the years, I have developed an advanced clinical practice in therapy of the hand and the upper limb through the development of treatment protocols, custom orthosis fabrication, development of home programs, use of different treatment modalities and workstations assessment.

    Therapy of the hand and the upper extremity, custom orthosis fabrication, somatosensory pain rehabilitation (Spicher’s technique), assessment and development of functional capacities, ergonomic workstations assessment, knowledge transfer, teaching and conference speaker.